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Aviosys IP Power Switch 9258SP with Ping Ethernet Remote Power Switch with 4 Ports

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A feature rich IP power switch with the convenience of International IEC sockets.

  • Remote management of 4 IEC power sockets with max 10A output
  • Auto ping and power on/off scheduler / timer
  • Connect to your network using the built-in ethernet port
  • Optional email alerts when socket power state changes


    Aviosys IP Power Switch 9258SP with Ping Ethernet Remote Power Switch with 4 Ports



    Do you need to travel to your office to reboot a machine? Is your broadband router unreliable and constantly needs rebooting? Do you want to cut your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint, and save time and money?

    The Aviosys IP Power 9258SP with Ping is a network based power switch which will control up to 4 power sockets independently over a TCP/IP ethernet network via a web browser. Devices such as cameras, servers, PCs, or industrial applications can be switched ON, OFF, or re-booted no matter where you are without the need to be on site.

    The power switch can schedule pre-set power on/off schedules, useful for energy saving and the open architecture means the switch can be modified (SDK provided) to suit your own applications. This device has CE approval and is fully ROHS Compliant.

    • Features of the IP Power 9285SP with Ping
    • Reboot Routers, Servers, PCs etc.
    • Remote power management up to 4 sockets
    • Timer to pre-set on/off schedules
    • Email Alerts for status change
    • International standard IEC 320 Inlet/Outlet connectors make it easy to use anywhere in the world.
    • Supports HTTP, DHCP and IP protocols
    • Password protection to maintain system stability
    • Watchdog design avoids abnormal network interruptions
    • Timer and scheduler functions, to automate the reboot of a servers and other devices
    • Integrate with your own software using HTTP commands
    • Online Firmware Updates
    • Supports SNMP, WAP, DDNS


    Technical Specification of the IP Power 9285SP

    • Embedded Web Server - you just need a web browser to access the power switch and control it
    • Network connectivity - 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Network Access (RJ45 Jack)
    • IEC 320 Connector design, 1 Male Inlet (power in), 4 Female Outlet (Power output switch via Ethernet)
    • Timer Power Switch - can preset the time schedule to turn power ON/OFF through Internet / Ethernet
    • WAP Mobile Phone Control - controllable with a GPRS telephone via WAP
    • Open Code Customization - limited source code is provided to allow you to to customise the look of the web interface
    • Supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
    • DDNS Support - for controlling remote devices which connect to the Internet via a dynamic IP address provided by the ISP
    • Email support, if the IP address changes an email will be sent automatically
    • Wake-on-LAN (WoL)

    Power Schedule Options

    • Set schedule for each output individually
    • Reboot at a set date and time
    • Select the action: turn ON, turn OFF or Turn OFF/ON
    • Select frequency: once off, daily, week days, week-end
    • HTTP Command - allows end-user modification into your own Webpage
    • Total power control up to 15A/120VAC, 10A/240VAC, 6A/250VAC. Maximum of 6A per device

    What's in the Box

    • IP 9258SP Power Switch unit with Ping
    • UK Power lead for Remote Switch (EU power cable is available for no extra charge)
    • Installation Instructions
    • 1 Year Warranty


    The Aviosys Remote Power Switches are supplied without power cables. The IP9258SP takes Male C14 to Female C13 power cable 2m black, 1 per outlet/device up to a total of 4.

    Power & Dimensions


    • Dimension (W) 220mm x (D) 120mm x (H) 45mm
    • Metal CASE design
    • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 70°C


    • Power Consumption 5 watts max.
    • Total power control up to 15A/120VAC, 10A/240VAC, 6A/250VAC. Maximum of 6A per device

    Expert Installation

    BTI does more than simply provide you with the system, our installation service ensures that any job, no matter how big or small, is completely installed and configured to your specific requirements. We know how important your business is and will professionally install the bespoke products that meet your businesses requirements. 

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