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Celebrating 20 years of excellence, AVIOSYS International Inc has established itself as a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance power management solutions. With a focus on delivering superior value, the Aviosys IP Power range is the perfect choice for your power management needs.

Featuring a range of products that cater to every need, from the single socket IP9255 to the advanced IP Power 9820, our power solutions are designed with your convenience in mind. With seamless integration into your existing IT system and a range of features that you'll love, Aviosys provides you with the ultimate power management experience at an unbeatable price. Don't settle for less, experience the best with Aviosys

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Power Switch SKU Mounting Options Network Connectivity Number of Output Sockets Output Socket Type Auto Ping Reboot Scheduled Operation Max Input Load Max Socket Load Power Measurement
IP Power 9255 UK IP9255UK Shelf Ethernet 1 UK Three Pin 8A 8A None
IP Power 9255 PRO UK IP9255PRO-UK Shelf Ethernet 1 UK Three Pin 8A 8A Per Outlet
IP Power 9828S IP9828S Shelf Ethernet 2 IEC 10A 10A Per Unit
IP Power 9258S IP9258S Shelf Ethernet 4 IEC 15A 6A None
IP Power 9258S-P with Ping IP9258S-P Shelf Ethernet 4 IEC 15A 6A None
IP Power 9850 UK IP9850UK Shelf Ethernet 4 UK Three Pin 10A 10A None
IP Power 9858MT-S IP9858MT-S Shelf Ethernet 4 IEC 15A 10A None
IP Power 9820MT-S IP9820MT-S Rack Ethernet 8 IEC 15A 10A Per Outlet
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