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VT825i Remote Monitoring Unit

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Power Options

Monitoring system with redundant power supply

The VT825i unit is used for Environmental Monitoring (eg. Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Water Leaks, Smoke, Airflow etc.). It is also used as an I/O controller (eg. Door Control, Fans, Generator, Control Panels, UPS Status, Circuit Breakers, Alarms etc.).

The system can use up to 1000 elements including notifications, triggers, timers, logic schemes, sensors, and dry contacts and has a built-in Web interface with virtual sensors, logic schemes, different types of notifications, and control panels.

There is also a slot for a VT740 LTE modem (sold separately) to be installed to enable SMS alerting directly from the system. No ethernet connection required.

The VT825ii has two power inputs providing a redundant power supply for A&B power distribution.
• Power 90 - 230V
• Dual Power Supply Option
• 8 x Analogue Sensor inputs
• 4 x Digital (Switch) Sensor Inputs
• 20 x CAN BUS Devices
• 2 x Output Relays 12V 0.25A


Expert Installation

BTI does more than simply provide you with the system, our installation service ensures that any job, no matter how big or small, is completely installed and configured to your specific requirements. We know how important your business is and will professionally install the bespoke products that meet your businesses requirements. 

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