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Avtech Room Alert 3 WiFi Environment Monitor

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The Room Alert 3 Wi-Fi is an economical Wi-Fi-enabled environment monitor. This model installs easily in areas with no Ethernet connection. It monitors temperature, plus up to 2 more environment conditions of your choice.

When conditions exceed your thresholds, Room Alert notifies you right away so you can act quickly.

  • Send email Directly from the device.
  • Pair with (or other compatible platforms) for even more alerting capabilities.

The Room Alert 3W is a low-cost, Wi-Fi-enabled environment monitor that expands your reach into areas with no Ethernet connection. It monitors your facility for temperature and up to two more environment conditions of your choice.

Small and light, the Room Alert 3E can be installed in telecom or wiring closets, server rack cabinets, and other locations where space is at a premium and it it would be impractical to put our wired models, such as basements and attics.


Expert Installation

BTI does more than simply provide you with the system, our installation service ensures that any job, no matter how big or small, is completely installed and configured to your specific requirements. We know how important your business is and will professionally install the bespoke products that meet your businesses requirements. 

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