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Avtech iBoot IO IP Power Switch

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The iBoot IO allows you to easily and quickly toggle an external device on or off based on alerts or specific environment monitoring conditions that you select.

This UL listed accessory connects in line with an external device using the included power cord. It is then connected to a Relay Switch output on your monitoring system to turn the power on/off as required.

The iBoot eliminates the need to modify or physically change the power cord of your external device, allowing you to quickly connect it without involving an electrician. Once connected, the iBoot IO can instantly toggle the external device ‘On’ or ‘Off’ based on triggered alerts or specific environment monitoring conditions that you select in Room Alert.

Pair the iBoot IO with Room Alert to trigger an external AC unit or fan when high temperature alerts are triggered, or an external sump pump if water or liquid is detected in your facility. The possibilities to help keep your facility protected against downtime are nearly unlimited.


Expert Installation

BTI does more than simply provide you with the system, our installation service ensures that any job, no matter how big or small, is completely installed and configured to your specific requirements. We know how important your business is and will professionally install the bespoke products that meet your businesses requirements. 

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