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HW Group

HW Group Vibration Sensor

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SS14 is a detection device of shocks and vibrations. Is used to protect fixtures, windows, box, or any passage where is needed detect

break-in attempts by vibrations or strong shocks. It 'also equipped with a separate second reed contact normally closed.

Dimensions of 77x36x20 mm
13.8 Vcc power supply
Standby current - 9mA
Max current - 18mA
RFI protection 30V/m (20 MHz - 2000 MHz)
Tamper contact 0.2 A - 24 Vcc
Alarm contact Max 40 mA - 30 Vcc
Temperature -20°C a +50°C
ABS housing


Expert Installation

BTI does more than simply provide you with the system, our installation service ensures that any job, no matter how big or small, is completely installed and configured to your specific requirements. We know how important your business is and will professionally install the bespoke products that meet your businesses requirements. 

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