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Temperature RS-485 Pt100 Cable3

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Temperature probe on a cable with a RS-485 converter in a wall-mount box.
The probe (included) is on a 2m cable in a stainless-steel rod.

The sensor can be used separately or connected to a Poseidon2 4002 unit.

Environment: Indoor or outdoor use – IP65, wall mount
Supplied probe: External Pt100 temperature probe (stainless steel housing, 2m cable)
External probe measured temperature range: –50°C to +200°C (–58°F to +390°F)
Operating temperature: The converter works from –30 to +70°C (–22 to +160°F)
Interface: RS-485, terminals
Compatible with: Poseidon2 4002
Power supply: From the Poseidon (12V), or 10..35VDC


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