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PowerEgg2 detects failures of a power supply (110/230V single phase, max. load 8A) and can be also controlled with a relay. It is possible to connect PowerEgg to any device with digital inputs (DI) and/or digital outputs (DO). The controlling and controlled circuits are electrically isolated, low-voltage closing contacts are used for power detection and output control only.

PowerEgg is a "pass-through mains outlet" with two IEC-320 connectors – a plug (C14) at the input, and a socket (C13) at the output.

PowerEgg combines two functions in a single device:

DETECTOR: Detects the presence of mains voltage at the input (indication with a change-over contact)
CONTROL: Disconnects the output voltage (control with external DC voltage or a contact)
Detector input: Voltage detection (110/230V)
Detector interface: Connect to any dry contact DI (digital input)
Detect by: Any DI (Digital Input) on Poseidon, Damocles or I/O controller
Control output: Turns on/off the 110/230V output voltage (max 8A) – can be connected to any digital output
Control interface: Connect to any DO (digital output) - relay or open collector or 3-12V voltage
Control by: Any DO (Digital Output) on on Poseidon, Damocles or I/O controller