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HW Group

HW Group Power Detector (INT)

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Detector of 110/230V voltage run/failure, which can be connected directly to a wall plug. Galvanic insulated relay output (NO) can be connected to any digital input (DI) of any HW group product.

Power Detector detecs the presence of voltage which it signalizes by a relay output (galvanic insulated).

Power Detector can for instance be connected to a DI of Poseidon2 3266 or Damocle2 MINI and detect the presence of charging voltage on the input of an UPS.

Power Detector can be supplied in versions for different wall plug systems or even in the International version with all wall plugs (EU / US / UK)

The relay output is NO, the „connected“ satus signals the presence of 110-230V. It can manage a load of up to 50V/130mA and the resistence of max. 10 Ohm.

plug-in design
interchangeable wall plugs (International, US, EU and UK)
isolated relay output up to 50 V / 130 mA
resistance in closed status max. 10 Ohm


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