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HW Group Sensor 0-20mA 1W UNI

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Isolated DC current sensor for the 1Wire-UNI bus. Sensor for measuring currents in the 0–20mA range. It is typically used to connect an industrial probe with 4–20mA output - 4wire with a discrete power supply (e.g. to measure the fuel level in a tank). The sensor current output is processed in Poseidon2 or Ares units to ber accessible via LAN or GSM.

The sensor is equipped with an 8-points calibrating table/curve to set measured output appropriate to related industrial sensor. The calibration process is supported by 1W-UNI USB calibrator.USB dongle.

For two-wire industrial sensors 4-20mA use alternative Senzor 4-20mA 1W-UNI,

Input: 0-20mA (connect a “source” type of probe).
Electrical isolation: Yes
Protection: 63 mA fuse
Options: Unit conversion, calibration
Interface: 1-Wire UNI (2x RJ11 for daisy-chaining)
Connects to: Ares 12/14, Poseidon2 or Poseidon 2250
Environment: Converter to be installed indoors
Power: Bus-powered (1-Wire UNI) – max. 2 sensors per active port


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